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We provide custom pathology solutions by tailoring all of our services to your specific needs. Through an integrated and personalized approach, we will bring you the most accurate and timely results possible.

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Select the tests suited to address your specfic health condition like CANCER | ALLERGY | DIABETES | FEVER | HEART | TUBERCULOSIS | THYROID | KIDNEY

Assurance of hygienic collection of blood and urine samples from the ease of your home or office. Our HEALTHISH COLLECTION BAG is sealed & contain one-time use collection box safe for home.

With Dr. Reddy Lab take steps towards identifying the HEALTH STATUS & PREVENTIVE MEASURES. A consultation is provided along with a complete health check-up.

Become a part of our LOYALTY CARD MEMBERSHIP and get health benefits. Save upto 10% on every visit.

First preventive measure for living a safe and healthy life is drinking safe Water. Our WATER TEST METHOD is done by CERTIFIED DOCTORS and by GOLD STANDARD EQUIPMENTS.

Meet our EXPERT PATHOLOGISTS & DOCTORS, take COUNSELLING SESSION from them for Health benefits. Remain updated with our health tips for fit and healthy living style.

Our motto is to provide 24X7 SUPPORT for health & advisory services. The Lab Quality Manager will assess the reports, receive consultation & get guidance from the Dietitian to improve health condition.

We are committed to provide you the very best in diagnostic test reporting. As part of our ‘Green Initiative’ Online Report is Available. All the Report(s) will deliver within 24 hours by email or our mobile app services.

Services Offered

One of the Best Pathology & Diagnostics Laboratory of Delhi which offer advanced testing services and maintain highest quality standards. Also ensures the most efficient and effective diagnostic patient care possible. This includes producing accurate, timely, comprehensive and completely validated analytical results to physicians and health care providers across the country.



Pathology department works with a motive of diagnosing and understanding the human diseases. We conduct all the Pathology tests on state-of-the-art Gold Standard Equipments based on the latest technology for a speedy and accurate result at reasonable prices. Talk to our representative and get counselling for your test & ailment.



Radiology tests are done under the expertise of qualified radiologists with advanced technology. We believe in precision and carefulness while performing the tests 'X-rays, CT-Scan, Ultrasound, MRI and more'. We do not take any chances whatsoever with your health & well-being.



Nutrition is responsible for creating your shape and your health. We at Dr Reddy Lab provide expert consultation and give you a Customised Diet Plan for your unique body type and health condition. You can contact our expert Nutritionist/Dietitian who will analyse your health status and guide you accordingly.

R Lifespan's
Women Care

Profiles Parameters
CBC (Complete Blood Count) 14
Diabetes 1
Haemoglobin 1
Urinalysis 20
KFT Profile with Calcium,Uric Acid 8
Lipid Profile,Serum 5
Liver Function Test 11
Thyroid Profile, Serum 3
25 Hydroxy Vitamin D Level, Serum 1
Vitamin B12 & Folate, Serum 1
Iron Profile 1
Arthritis Screening 3
Total 78

R Lifespan's
Primary Care

Profiles Parameters
Diabetes-Blood Sugar Fasting 1
Heart- Total Cholesterol 8
Liver Function Test 11
Kidney-KFT Profile with Calcium,Uric Acid 16
Thyroid Profile*,Serum 1
Complete Haemogram 23
Urinalysis-Urine Routine and Microscopy 20
Total 80

R Lifespan's
Total Care

Profiles Parameters
Diabetes-Blood Sugar Fasting 2
Heart-Total Cholesterol 8
Liver Function Test 11
Kidney-KFT Profile with Calcium,Uric Acid 17
Thyroid Profile, Serum 3
Complete Haemogram 23
Urinalysis-Urine Routine and Microscopy 20
25 Hydroxy Vitamin D Level, Serum 1
Vitamin B12 & Folate, Serum 1
Total 86

R Lifespan's
Enriched Care

(Age 50+)
Profiles Parameters
Diabetes-Blood Sugar Fasting 8
Heart Function Test 12
Liver Function Test 14
Kidney-KFT Profile with Calcium,Uric Acid 16
Arthritis 17
Pancreas 2
Thyroid Profile, Serum 3
Complete Haemogram 23
Urinalysis-Urine Routine and Microscopy 26
Vitamin 2
Urinary Electrolytes 3
Serum Electrolytes 3
Allergy Screening 2
Total 131

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