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Better patient care starts with digitisation and documentation.

However, clinicians in More than 100 countries are still using pen and paper and are in need of a user friendly and cost‐effective entry point for digitization.

SOLUTION: Digital Pen is a powered data capture solution that allows health workers to instantly digitise their questionnaires using a smart digital pen and encoded paper. A single page, structured questionnaire was created in both English and Hindi printed on regular, encoded paper. Encoding (a unique printed dot pattern) allows the pen to automatically identify the sheet and create a patient record. Every Health care professional was given a digital pen. To start using, they switched it on and started writing (battery lasts for 10 hours of continuous writing on a full charge). Data was captured and tagged automatically in the pen’s local memory (up to 1000 A4 pages). Data may synced via Bluetooth.

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I have known Dr. Pradeep Aggarwal MBBS MD for last 1 year in professional capacity. He started using closely with us on Heart Patient screening data collection and analytics. We have used their innovation, digital pen and paper solution in the field and got very good results in data capture. Later he supported us.


  • Easy to recognize patients
  • Patient/Chemist/Pathology Laboratory
  • Easy to use and intuitive – just pen & paper
  • Fill in local English and Hindi
  • Analytics from structured fields
  • Transparency & accountability
  • Who wrote what & when
  • Any time audit trail
  • Keep Lab Report(s) on cloud
  • Easy access to patient history, through digital image, on app or Web
  • Regularly receive Excel file of structured patient data
  • Patients receive follow-up SMS reminders automatically

Patient Benefits

The clinic management suite enhances the doctor - patient experience, and fulfils the patient’s expectations in many ways.

  • Patients get to view and save their prescriptions.
  • He televideo facility gives patients the option of consulting the doctor, from their homes or elsewhere.
  • Medical profiling helps the doctor with recommending specialized services needs like health management programs, checkups, camps, and others.
  • Treatment profiling helps the doctor with patient history and future treatment.
  • Patients also get enhanced services from qualified service providers. They get welcome relief in the form of prompt and efficient services from chemists, pathology labs, diagnostic centres, nutritionists, yoga centres, physiotherapists, etc.
  • Patient communication helps the doctor to get in touch with patients, based on their personal and medical profiling, for events, health tips, greetings, mailers, etc.
  • Many more….

Frequently Asked Questions

Is patient data safe and secure (Patient privacy)?

patient data privacy very seriously. Only the doctor and the patient can view and access their data. To further secure the privacy of sensitive and personal information, all data exchanges are encrypted .

Is data storage on the cloud safe?

Data Cloud Storage is extremely safe, secure and convenient. Any and all information generated and shared using Digital Pen are secured by using highest standards of data encryption for high privacy. AWS Cloud for secure storage of data.

Only the permitted and registered users such as clinical staff, patients, service providers can access the 4 layer data via OTP verification sent on their registered mobile number.

Do we get editable text transcribed data for our prescriptions?

At present Digital Pen provide editable text transcribed data only for organized and structured fields. Companyuses proprietary algorithms based on machine learning and handwriting recognition engines to transcribe handwritten text.

Can I use one account and practice at multiple different clinics?

Yes. You can. a doctor can either carry the pen and sheets with them or keep a pad in each of the clinics where they practice.

Can coded sheets be customised as per my clinic's designs?

Yes. coded sheets are fully customizable to any design and A4 size . These can be used in OPD prescriptions, case histories, casualty, ICU, IPD wards, screening forms and many more applications.

Can be integrated with my existing EMR/HIS/Path Lab/ChemistShop

Yes. can be integrated with your APIs. Custom APIs can be developed for complex and deep integration.

Ques: What is the cost of it ?

Ans : Free for our panel Doctor's..

Ques: What is the process to come under Panel ?

Ans : Talk to Our Area Manager for More Details Call Us On 9811895859