Frequently Asked Questions

Our teams are happy to help you find the test you need. Just contact us on chat, or email us at inquiry@drreddylab.com . If you would rather speak to someone please call us on 9811895859. We are open from Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm.

For Blood Sample Collection from Home service is for adults only, so we are able to offer testing for anyone under the age. If you have a child that needs a blood test then we recommend you Visit to near blood sample collection Centre.

Sometimes the lab may not be able to perform any or all of the tests on your blood sample. This is more common with finger-prick/ venipuncture tests where you might have found it difficult to collect your sample, especially if this was your first attempt. This doesn't necessarily arise because you did anything wrong and most people find that they can collect a successful sample on their second attempt.

There are 3 main problems that can result in a failed result:
1. Clotted Sample

Clotting can occur if your blood is not mixed thoroughly after collection (the tube needs to be inverted 5 - 10 times) or if you have taken a long time to collect your sample and the blood has clotted before mixing takes place. If you are taking a finger-prick sample then we recommend giving the container a gentle swirl after each drop of blood has been collected, to ensure that it mixes with the sample contents.

2. Haemolysed Sample

A haemolysed sample occurs when some of the red blood cells burst and the haemoglobin within these escapes and spoils the surrounding sample. With finger-prick/ venipuncture samples this can happen if your finger/vein has been squeezed too hard or if you scraped your finger/vein on the side of the tube rather than letting the droplets drop down the tube gently. Venous blood tests can also be affected by haemolysis when there are difficulties in taking the sample.

3. Insufficient Sample

When your sample is received at the laboratory it is spun and separated into the blood cells and the liquid (plasma) that surrounds the cells. If the amount of blood taken is insufficient, the lab will struggle to produce enough plasma from it. The usual cause for this is if the blood vial (container) is under-filled.
Please note that in some cases the lab is still able to do a partial analysis of the sample. If this is the case you will receive these results. In other cases, however, they are not able to analyse the sample at all.
If your sample fails we will always offer a complimentary follow-up blood test. If this is your second attempt at taking a blood sample then our customer services team can discuss the other options that are available to you.

It’s a misconception that venous samples are more accurate then finger-prick blood testing. Finger- prick samples have been proven to be as accurate as venous samples, provided that the samples have been collected correctly and an adequate sample volume has been obtained. There are certain tests where a full venous sample collection is required and where a finger-prick sample would not give an accurate and true result. We only offer a finger prick option for tests if we are confident it will provide an adequate sample and an accurate result.

The main reason that we recommend a venous sample or even remove the finger-prick option in the checkout is simply because of the volume of blood required.
If you buy a test (or a combination of tests) with a lot of blood markers in it you will find that you do not have the option to take it with a finger-prick sample. This is because to get enough blood for testing you would have to fill at least 3 vials of blood which, in our experience leads to a very high error rate and a poor customer experience. Your blood will start to clot after you have made the initial puncture which, in time, obstructs blood flow and often leads to a lot of squeezing and "milking" of the finger to get enough blood. This can damage blood cells and make the sample unusable. You may not even be able to fill the tubes to the required amount which means that the laboratory will report back that it had "insufficient sample" to analyze. This is why we have built a network of partner clinics to enable you to have a venous sample taken quickly and affordably in a clinic or pharmacy near you.

There are some slight risks associated with venipuncture which may include excessive bleeding, feeling light-headed, fainting, nerve damage, hematoma (accumulation of blood under the skin), and infection.

If your sample fails, we will always offer a complimentary follow-up blood test. Please give us a call on 01145721618/9811895859 so we can discuss your options and our Phlebotomist will visit to you.
We will usually be able to tell you what went wrong with the original sample and discarded and we will give some helpful tips for your second attempt.

If you are feeling unwell, then it is best to wait until you feel better before you take your test. This is because illnesses such as colds and flu can affect your blood test results and cause short term changes which might lead you to be anxious for no reason. They also don't reflect what is normal for you.
If you are suffering from any illnesses or symptoms which you think might affect your results then please let our doctors know. You will have the opportunity to do this when you log into your portal. This gives our doctors important context when they are interpreting your results.

Laboratory reference ranges can be set by the manufacturer of the analyzer (the equipment that tests your sample) or the laboratory that tests your sample. The “normal" range for any given population (the people they have tested) is usually the range where 95% of that population will fall within. This means that 2.5% of that population will be below the normal range, and 2.5% would fall above the normal range.
At the edges of the normal range, there are areas of overlap where healthy individuals will have results outside of the normal range and unwell individuals will have results inside the normal range. This is why our doctors will normally advise you to repeat a borderline result in a few weeks or months to see whether that result is normal for you, or to see whether it has improved or got worse. Lots of things can affect your blood test results, including what you recently ate or drank, whether you have an allergy or infection, and whether you have recently exercised. This is why it always important to repeat any abnormal test result.

Any test results that you’ve had since April 2014 will be displayed on your portal. Your most recent tests are on your homepage. Just click on “Report” in the tool bar to view any previous test results. Before April 2014 the laboratory delivered your results in a different format which means we need to request and process them individually to make them visible on your portal. If you have any previous results that you would like to have added to your results tracker then please contact us. If you have any previous results you would like to access via a PDF then please call our customer care team on 9811895859 or email us at inquiry@drreddylab.com
If there are any test results missing from tests you have taken after April 2014 please let us know and we will have our technical team resolve this as soon as possible.

Your test results will be made available for you to view once they have come back from our laboratory and our doctors have reported on them. You will be able to see the status of your test in your results portal. Test results are generally available to view after a few working days (check the turnaround time on the test page), however, results may be delayed if, for example, samples were not labelled or kits were not activated (if that applies to you).
We publish the turnaround time on every test and do our best to meet it. Please be aware that the turnaround time is a guide and not a guarantee. The turnaround time applies to working days, not weekends so if your order straddles a weekend you will have to add on 2 days to the turnaround time. If you believe your results are late then please contact us.

We use two laboratories in the India, both of which are ISO accredited and operate at the highest level of clinical standards. When we dispatch your order, our team will look at the test(s) you have ordered and allocate your order to the correct laboratory for the test you have purchased. We will provide you with the correct information to the right laboratory. Occasionally, if your order contains multiple tests which are conducted at separate laboratories, we will send you mail or SMS or Get a call for each with clear instructions on which sample goes to which laboratory.

Yes, just send us an email to info@drreddylab.com or call on 01145721618/9811895859 and we’ll arrange for a receipt to be emailed to you.

At the moment you cannot order a test for someone else. All the details we ask you to provide when you set up your account are necessary for the laboratory to perform the right test, and for us to make sure that we send results back to the right person. For accuracy, privacy and security, all these details need to match. If you have inadvertently bought a test for someone else don't worry. Just let us know so that we can help them set up their own R Lifespan account.

There are many things that can affect your results and which may give a temporary abnormal reading. Common things include: illness or injury which can affect your white blood count and inflammation markers; recent vigorous exercise which can affect your muscle and liver enzymes; what you have recently eaten which can affect your triglycerides and your blood sugar - even a high protein meal may affect your kidney markers. Some nutritional supplements like biotin can also affect some results. We will advise you if you need to pause any supplements before taking your test.
It is very common to have some markers which are outside the normal range for entirely innocent reasons. If our doctors suspect that a recent illness or activity has affected some of your test results they will mention possible causes and recommend you repeat the test in a few weeks.Here if you found short in test quality please call laboratory immediately.

Unfortunately we don't currently offer testing services outside of the India.

DrReddyLab.com Initiated by Rlifespan is fully committed to providing you with an excellent, accurate and professional level of service. We are keen to hear your feedback, whether that be suggestions for improvement or compliments about great experiences you have had with us.
We recognise that sometimes things may go wrong, and when this happens, we strongly encourage you to let us know; where you feel we may have made a mistake, or done something which you have found unsatisfactory or unacceptable.
Our primary reason for this is so that we can try and put things right for you. Following this, we will also look at how we can improve our product and services for the future.

Third-party supplier complaints and feedback

We work with a number of third-party suppliers, in order to provide a comprehensive service for you.These include our network of partner clinics, and home phlebotomy service. In the instance that your complaint relates to the service received from our third-party suppliers, we ask that you raise this with us directly. We will then contact the supplier where necessary, in order to resolve this in the best way possible for you. The process for escalating a complaint about our third-party suppliers is the same as complaints about our products and services.

Step 1: Contacting us

The first step is to contact our Customer Care team. This can be done either in writing, over the telephone, or through live chat;

  • Our telephone number is +91-9953748579
  • Our email address is info@drreddylab.com/mypathlab@gmail.com, and we will aim to respond to you within 24 working hours
  • You can find our live chat on any of our website pages, in the bottom right hand corner, and we are available on chat during office opening hours

We will always try and resolve your complaint at the first point of contact where we can, and all of our Customer Care team are able to support you with this. We also love to hear your comments and suggestions, and the team will make sure these are passed onto the appropriate teams. And of course, we love nothing more than to hear from you when you’ve really enjoyed our service!

Step 2: Passing your complaint on for investigation

Sometimes, our Customer Care Team may need to pass your complaint on to our Senior Customer Care Representative to investigate this and resolve this for you. Where we need to investigate further in order to resolve this, we will advise you of a reasonable timescale in which we intend to complete this investigation and update you. Typically, this will be 5 working days, and where this may take longer we will make sure we keep you updated on this.

Step 3: Further investigation

Sometimes, our Senior Customer Care Representative may need to pass your complaint on to our Customer Services Manager, in order to further investigate your complaint and resolve this for you. Where we need to investigate further in order to resolve this, we will advise you of a reasonable timescale in which we intend to complete this investigation and update you. Typically, this will be 5 working days, and where this may take longer we will make sure we keep you updated on this.

Step 4: Our Final response

If a satisfactory resolution cannot been reached your complaint may need to be escalated to our Senior Leadership;

  • Our Head of Operations will respond to operational complaints
  • Our Medical Director will respond to clinical complaints

Where we need to investigate further in order to resolve this, we will advise you of a reasonable timescale in which we intend to complete this investigation and update you. Typically this will be 5 working days, and where this may take longer we will make sure we keep you updated on this.
This will be our final response to your complaint.

Step 5: Taking your complaint outside of the organisation

We will do everything we can to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction without having to reach this stage. However, if you are not satisfied with our final response, you can always seek advice from outside of the organisation. It may be possible to seek help from an advice agency or other organisation.

It is necessary to fast before your take your Cholesterol/ Triglycerides test - in fact it helps our doctors build a better picture of your cholesterol levels during a normal day if you have eaten beforehand. Eating normally should make very little difference to your cholesterol test, but sometimes, if you have eaten a lot of fatty foods your triglycerides can be elevated. If this is the case, we will recommend that you repeat your triglyceride test with a fasting sample.

If you suspect that you might have a thyroid disorder then the best way to confirm that is to have a thyroid blood test. We have 4 popular tests which can help you understand whether a thyroid disorder is causing your symptoms.

Thyroid Check : This tests for thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) and free thyroxine (FT4). This is a simple thyroid screening test which is sufficient to identify most cases of an over or underactive thyroid.

Thyroid Monitoring. : This tests for thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), free thyroxine (FT4) and free triiodothyronine (FT3). This is a more comprehensive test which also looks at FT3 which is more biologically active than FT4. This is the right test if you want a deeper look at your thyroid hormones.

Thyroid Check Plus : This tests for thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), free thyroxine (FT4), free triiodothyronine (FT3) as well as thyroid antibodies. If you have a family history of thyroid disease (or any autoimmune condition) then this is the right test to take. We will be able to tell you if your thyroid hormones are abnormal and whether this is caused by autoimmune disease (which is more likely if you have a family history). Even if your thyroid function is currently normal, elevated antibodies may increase your risk of developing a thyroid disorder in the future.

Thyroid Check UltraVit : This test includes full thyroid hormones and thyroid antibodies as well as nutritional markers that can support thyroid function or, if they are low, can mimic a thyroid disorder. For example, low iron (ferritin), low vitamin D and low B vitamins can all cause fatigue and low energy. This is the best test to take if you want you want to pursue several lines of investigation for your symptoms.

Our doctors will interpret your results and guide you in what to do next - make sure you give them as much information as possible before you take your test. You will be able to do this in "supporting information" in your results portal.

You should not stop taking any medication that you have been prescribed by your doctor including thyroid medication. However, we recommend taking your thyroid test in the morning before you have taken your dose of thyroid medication. If you are monitoring your thyroid function over time then it is best to take your thyroid test at the same time on each occasion as thyroid hormones can fluctuate throughout the day.

We have 3 tests which can help you and your doctor build a picture of your fertility and help identify any problems that you may have conceiving.

Day 3 Fertility Check : To conceive and support a pregnancy you need to have healthy levels of the hormones which are responsible for ripening and maturing an egg and preparing the uterus for implantation. This test taken 3 days after the start of your period, checks the levels of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinising hormone (LH) and oestradiol, all of which play vital roles in preparing your body for pregnancy.

Day 21 Progesterone : For conception to occur, an egg must be released from the ovaries which normally happens on or around day 21 of a 28 day menstrual cycle. If an egg is released progesterone levels increase in order to prepare the lining of the uterus for implantation. Low progesterone on day 21 of your cycle indicates that ovulation failed to take place.

Anti-Müllerian Hormone : This test checks for a hormone (AMH) which is released by resting egg follicles in the ovaries (antral follicles). AMH declines as a woman gets older as her reserve of viable eggs declines - after menopause AMH falls to very low levels. This test can give an indication of the number of antral follicles present in the ovaries, which some fertility clinics may use to assess the chances of success of IVF.

Please remember that there are many different reasons why a couple may not be able to conceive, not all of them detectable with a blood test. However, these tests can help to rule out hormonal issues that can affect your chances of becoming pregnant.

Supporting information is the information that is specific to the test you are taking which will help us apply the correct reference range or help our doctors interpret your results. For example, we need to know at what stage of the menstrual cycle a woman took her hormone tests so that the correct reference range can be applied.
We also ask for the time and date of your sample in the supporting information as this can also provide context for some results.

Your body gets energy from food through a process called metabolism. Our Stay Healthy Package also is known as the Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Test.

Urine Test Study





Cloudy, dark, or blood colored.



Cloudy urine may be caused by crystals, deposits, WBC, red cells, epithelial cells, or fat globules.  

Specific Gravity (g/ml)


Increase in Specific Gravity indicate dehydration, diarrhea, emesis, excessive sweating UTI/ bladder infection, glucosuria, renal  artery s tenosis…



If High, cause by severe vomiting, Kidney disease , UTI, and asthma.

Protein (mg/dl)


If Present because of acute inflammation or kidney stone disease, or a sign of kidney damage.

Glucose (mg/dl)


If positive, because if type-I and Type-2 diabetics



High level indicates complication in diabetics.



In certain liver disease, such as biliary obstruction or hepatitis, excess bilirubin can buildup in the blood and this eliminated in urine.



Painful blood in the urine can be caused by a number of disorders, including infection and stones in the urinary tract,

Painless blood in the urine can also due to many cause, including cancer.



This test is commonly used in diagnosing urinary tract infection(UTI).

A positive nitrite Test indicate that test  cause of a UTI is a gram negative organism, most commonly Escherichia coli. 



Too much Urobilinogen in urine can indicate a liver disease such as hepatitis or cirrhosis.

Leukocyte esterase


Leukocyte esterase is a screening test use to find a substance that suggests there are WBC (white Blood Cell) in the urine means a person have UTI problem.

Squamous epithelium


Present of Squamous epithelium cells may indicate contamination of urine specimen.

A: A pathologist uses a microscope and often other tests to examine tissue biopsies and blood samples. The pathologist then combines clinical information (observations your doctor has made about your signs and symptoms) with microscopic observations of your biopsy and tests performed on your blood sample to make a diagnosis.

A: Depending on the type of tissue sample submitted and the tests we need to perform, we generally produce a final pathology report within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your specimen. Some molecular tests take longer to perform.

Morning sample of urine is the ideal sample for culture, but a sample can be collected at any time of the day after proper cleaning and washing the area with soap and water to prevent bacteria from the surrounding areas from entering the urine or this will give you erroneous result.

Growing sedentary lifestyles, increasing stress levels at work place, tempting and enticing food displays, growing disposable incomes, increased addictions to automobiles, all indicate that we give to our body more than what it needs. This has given rise to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and a host for many other lifestyle disorders. With advanced tests and technologies, clinical laboratories can help in identifying various disorders accurately which can be treated completely or at least the progress can be delayed

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