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All Tests are conducted under Supervision of Senior Pathologists and Doctors, Every Sample is tested Before Conducting Test.


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Book Diagnostics laboratory tests near your home on our pathology, online lab test service available for online diagnostics, best place for medical tests and health checkup packages. Book my Blood tests nearby my home on Dr Reddy Diagnostics Lab, online path lab service provider for Dr Reddy Lab Check and online Reports, for all medical tests and health checkup packages. Our diagnostic centre is the best path lab in Uttam Nagar, Janakpuri, Delhi, Lucknow. We provide the benefits of diagnostic center and pathology labs right from the comfort of your home. With a certified phlebotomist (Blood Sample and Urine Collection Person) team to ensure speedy home sample collection, and Laboratory services just call us for individual tests to complete health checkup packages for Men, Women and Senior Citizens & Corporates. Our Labs takes care of all your diagnostics blood test needs.

Blood Test in Delhi

All kind of blood test available like Biochemistry, Haematology, Immunology, FNAC, Serology, Microbiology ……Tests

We covers a wide array of tests like blood sugar tests, thyroid tests, pregnancy tests, allergy tests, lipid profile, liver profile, platelet count, TB Test mantoux test, VDRL test, Vitamin D (OH-25), vitamin B12, Cancers, colon cancer, tumor marker, water test for TDS, PH, ORP, deficiency test and more. Get details of all these tests which includes blood test cost, when to take the tests, why is it required, hepatitis profile who should take the test and what to do before taking the blood tests at home, after blood test, know your reports, how to understand all blood test reports and may more.

Sample Collection at Home:

We will Book blood tests online from your home and our expert team call you back for when technicians arrives at your house at the pre-scheduled time to pick up your sample. Once diagnostic test done at laboratory you will get sms for your download reports online or Digital Reports.

Next day our team send and call you for all your diagnostics reports emailed received or not we always promote digital India & save paper and save trees & secure storage to easily access medical records online.

Doctor Recommended health packages: - Full Body Health Checkup

Keep your health and Life span check with exclusive Health Checkup Packages or wellness packages or your wellbeing packages like Men’s Health Package, Women’s Health Package, Vitamin Package and Health Package for Corporates, Diabetes Packages and Packages for Senior Citizens, Bone profile, arthritis profile, doctor prescribed test & many more. Get full details of all tests available in a package when booking online pathology tests.